Jul 3 • 1M

Poem: The cost of junk

Is it possible to love junkies?

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Spenser Smith
Essays and poems about addiction by Spenser Smith.
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A pile of junk in a yard.

It would be cheaper to clean up the dead junkies than saving their lives on a weekly, even daily basis…

– Facebook comment

It would be cheaper to let dead junkies rot. Crow food. A free
“This Is Your Brain on Drugs” commercial.

It would be cheaper to dissect dead junkies in biology class. Eliminate
the need to purchase crayfish, piglets, sheep eyes.

It would be cheaper to request payment for dead junkies. Charge
families for breeding burdens.

Is it possible to love junkies? Bruises, inflamed livers, knees
first scraped on playgrounds.

It will take a new vocabulary to love junkies. One without the word

Love takes work. Step one: do not kill the spider dangling
from the shower curtain. Instead, cradle its body with tissue.

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